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RIP Peter Steele.

2010-06-18 05:28:28 by screaming10

Nuff said.

moment of silence.

Same Old Noize

2010-05-06 02:02:08 by screaming10

If you know anyone in the Bay Area (california) interested in starting a band, hook me up. Im a guitarist, and although im not very good, interested in getting better and doing vocals

RIP Peter Steele

2010-04-15 21:18:40 by screaming10

Peter Steele, Singer and bassist of both Type O Negative, and Carnivore died sudnay evening sue to heart failure at age 48

he will be missed

we love you Peter

RIP Peter Steele


2010-04-12 05:28:16 by screaming10

This used to be my favorite toy when i was little, but I cant for the life of me remember what it was called, or what the collection it was from was called



Puzzle Smoothie

2010-03-25 03:26:46 by screaming10

I found that sometimes in order for someone to find his/her own style-musically-they need to first piece them into someone else puzzle you know?
For example me, I was in a band but the kicked me out for being poor, so i tried to do my own solo music.

My problem is, I come up with really good ideas, and really good intro's and such, but for some reason cant follow through with any of them.

When i was in a band however, i was writing all sorts of stuff, completely, and i think thats because i had other people also addin in their own fruit to the smoothie

Sooo i decided i need to start another band x/

Thought Vomit

2010-03-14 00:50:02 by screaming10

so last night i went and saw Thought Vomit, Intangled, and PMRC at the Pheonix Theatre.

after that I am now more then ever motivated and excited to start a band

I want to start a band!!

2010-03-10 02:00:28 by screaming10

Man, i want nothing more then to start a band again!
i love making music, playing it in shows and stuff, everythign about bands is just great honostly.
Unfortunately i got kicked out of my old band because i was too poor, and i was the only one in the band without a Cannibla Corpse shirt, if you get what i mean.

I have been trying to put things together for awhile, however nothing has picked up
its starting to bum me way out

hopefully something will happen soon =/

Make-y Movies-y?

2010-02-16 23:16:35 by screaming10

I really want to start making and submitting videos onto here.
But unfortunately, I have no flash, or anything like it. I also have no money to get it.
Dilemna? I think so too.


2010-01-17 07:52:16 by screaming10

Sure, animal sex is weird, but humans are part of that strange kingdom. Here are 10 Weird Sex Facts that prove we're civilized here at the top of the food chain and yet still pretty freakin' gross...

1. During sweaty sex, men ooze testosterone. And it's actually a biological turn on for women!

2. There's almost 500 different types of bacteria in your mouth. Almost 50% of them live on your tongue. So perhaps the French Kiss should be renamed the Twice As Dirty Kiss.

3. One out of seventeen, or 400,000,000 people have sex a day. 4,000 people are doing it right now! So, the world is a rockin', don't go a knockin'.

4. Turn up the heat, in every way. The hotter the room, the fiercer the orgasm. Vasocongestion, or the heat flush on your skin, is akin to blushing from sex.

5. Your vagina is also a great swim coach. The pelvic spasms caused by an orgasm actually move sperm up stream towards fertilizing your eggs.

6. Pops likes to get it on. Seventy-three-percent of 70-year-old men are still potent. Whoa, down boy!

7. The endorphins released during sex actually relieve a headache. So that old excuse isn't just tired, it's just plain wrong!

8. Back in 1609, Dr. Wecker found a dead man with two peckers! Since, 80 cases of double headers have been reported. But no word on whether or not those guys ever got them both on in a threesome.

9. You can go from zero to 60 fast! The fastest speed a sexy sensation can travel from your va-jay-jay to your brain has been clocked at the Ferrari-fast speed of 156 mph.

10. Erotic asphyxiation didn't just kill INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence. Cutting off oxygen to your brain to feel a strong new sensation during sex causes around 500 American deaths every year.


2010-01-16 01:52:48 by screaming10

Soooo my little sister is finally at the age where shes starting to want to follow of all of the stupid poser shit fads. A month ago (exactly, not estimate) we we're talking in the car about how everyone in her school wore skinny jeans and wore Converse shoes and how she thought they looked rediculous and dumb.
A month later, guess what she reeeeaally wants reeaally badly. Yep. Skinny jeans and Converse shoes. Why you may ask? She says she wants them because she thinks they look awesome and are really cool.
This, as you can imagine, really popped my jolly bubble. Now dont get me wrong, I understand that shes at that age, where shes going to do this alot, andeveryone does it. Its likely just a stage.
But as an older brother I find enjoyment in seeing my siblings dissatisfaction, and I want her to admit that she said what she told me earlier about not liking them, and that shes beign a total poser.
She refused.
And to make me even more displeased, my mother is defending her with this statement:
"I dont think she is following any fads Dylan. She just wants to wear similar clothes to everyone else and shes not posing just because she doesnt actually like it. I did the same thing when I was a kid."


Rant complete
-End of transmission